The article discusses the recent incidents of sabotage to undersea cables and pipelines in the Baltic Sea, and the potential use of Chinese technology for offshore wind energy. The writer stresses the importance of boosting domestic manufacturing to prevent dependency on China for wind technology and the jepordization of Western energy security. European countries plan to double their offshore wind energy capacity to counter the effects of climate change, which will lead to an increased rapid expansion in construction of offshore wind farms. The article mentions that the EU has already begun taking measures to secure these installations from sabotage and cyber intrusion, and raise alarms that the Wind power businesses need to monitor their installations and work with western governments. The West’s dependence on energy supply chains with China is highlighted as a major security risk, leading to investments in clean energy manufacturing and bank loans to wind power suppliers. Lastly, Chinese businesses have allegedly shown interest in wind energy auctions and opening up production facilities in Europe, but european companies point out the potential security threats in such dealings.

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