The Pakistan Navy is worried about sewage and industrial waste being dumped in the sea. They want to build a treatment plant near Mai Kolachi, but the Sindh government needs to agree to it. The Chief of the Naval Staff met with the caretaker Sindh Chief Minister to discuss these issues. They also talked about expanding the Karachi Fish Harbour.

The Chief Minister said the government is already working on a project to treat industrial waste before dumping it into the sea. They have allocated funds for this project and need to speed up the work. The naval chief also mentioned a refinery being set up in Karachi and the need for support from the government.

The Chief Minister also spoke at a seminar about World Fisheries Day. He emphasized the potential for growth in seafood exports and the importance of the fishing industry to the economy and coastal communities. He also highlighted the potential for the development of the Blue Economy in Pakistan.

The naval chief also mentioned expanding the Karachi Fish Harbour and completing the paperwork for a Cadet College. The Chief Minister assured him that the government would take necessary steps to address these issues.

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