Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce & Industries, Dr Gohar Ejaz, stated that the government will not allow sugar export until they assess the full production and consumption at the end of the season. This decision was made after a meeting of the Sugar Advisory Board in Islamabad, addressing the challenges facing the sugar industry. Dr Gohar said that the previous cycle of exporting and then importing sugar caused financial losses and increased the cost for the people. He emphasized that the government is committed to ensuring a stable and affordable supply of sugar for the citizens. Dr Gohar also mentioned plans to implement a track and trace system to monitor sugar production and consumption.

During the meeting, the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association requested a permit to export up to 500,000 tons of sugar, but the request was denied by the interim minister. Dr Gohar stressed the need to move away from past policies of exporting sugar followed by imports.

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Overall, the government’s focus is on ensuring a stable supply and affordable price for sugar in Pakistan and overcoming the challenges faced by the sugar industry.

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