Dwayne Ouelette replaced his store’s self-checkout machines with cashiers because some customers weren’t comfortable with them. Self-checkout theft is on the rise with up to 23 per cent of store losses attributed to theft and customer errors. Lei’singTree’s survey indicates 40% of its respondents use self-checkout frequently. Many want to see a return to cashier service, and some companies are adapting to this by ditching self-checkout in favor of cashiers. Even though self-checkout remains popular, 25% of the retailers in the 2022 study estimated that a significant number of losses were due to theft at self-checkout. Ouelette reasoned that the main reason for replacing machines with cashiers was to improve customer flow: “Canadian Tires carry so many big items that don’t really lend themselves to self-checkouts.” While it’s expected that self-checkout will remain popular, it will be alongside a more balanced choice for shoppers. Such as seen at some Shoprite drugstores that adopted a mainly self-checkout model until following a customer backlash, the stores pared down their self-checkouts and added more cashiers. This change may suggest fewer self-checkout machines and more cashiers for better convenience.

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