The content is from Kyodo News and covers several news stories. The first story is about North Korea launching a military reconnaissance satellite, which has sparked backlash from Japan and the United States. Another story is about a four-day cease-fire approved by Israel’s Cabinet in return for the release of hostages by the Hamas militant group. Japan’s government, in another story, has downgraded its assessment of the country’s economy for the first time in 10 months due to weak domestic demand. South Korea has partially suspended an inter-Korean military pact following North Korea’s launch of a military spy satellite. Toshiba Corporation’s shareholders have approved a consolidation of the company’s shares, leading to its delisting from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The leader of Japan’s Komeito party has visited China to seek the lifting of a ban on Japanese seafood imports. Japan has been informed that a suspect in North Korea’s abduction of a Japanese national in 1980 died in 2018. And finally, Japan is set to ban a synthetic cannabinoid from December 2 after many people who consumed gummies containing the compound became ill. Additionally, there are links to videos and images related to travel and tourism.

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