The government of Israel and Hamas have agreed to a four-day truce. This is to allow the release of some hostages held in Gaza in exchange for Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. The truce will also allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. The release of 50 Israeli hostages and 150 Palestinians from jail is a part of this truce. Israel has committed not to attack or arrest anyone in all parts of Gaza during the truce period. The US President Joe Biden welcomed this deal and said it should bring home additional American hostages. The truce is the first of this conflict, but Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel’s broader mission was unchanged. The truce deal was made despite some misgivings and intense international pressure for a humanitarian ceasefire. The proposed deal will also allow for up to 300 trucks of food and medical aid to enter Gaza. On the other hand, Israel has insisted that it does everything possible to limit harm to civilians, and Israel has continued to press its offensive into northern Gaza.

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