Freya believes it’s wrong to have children due to climate change. She grew up in a family that protested for climate action, which made her feel hopeful. But when the government didn’t take enough action, she decided not to have children. Many people around the world are thinking the same because of the climate crisis, according to a study from the University College London (UCL). The study found that people are concerned about their child’s future and the impact on the environment if they have children. The report also highlighted political and subsistence concerns as reasons for not having children. Two participants said they refused to have children until there was systemic change. In Ethiopia, participants wanted fewer children because of diminishing resources. In Zambia, people worried about supporting their families without additional children. The study’s authors believe these factors are not being fully appreciated. They say more research should be done in developing countries on how climate change is affecting people’s decisions about having children. In the meantime, Freya and her partner are preparing to foster children. She said, “I feel like the best way I can love (a) child is to not bring them into a climate crisis.”

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