A dog in Bragg Creek, Alta., was attacked by a cougar, and this happened twice. The cat was eventually scared off by people. Other pets in the area have also been attacked recently. A local conservation group has received many reports of cougar sightings and interactions.

The group says that there have been more encounters between pets and cougars than usual, so they advise people to be cautious. Cougars are attracted by garbage, pet food, and deer food left outside. Pets should be kept indoors or on a leash when outside to avoid attracting cougars.

Bragg Creek Coun. Kevin Hanson says that cougars are commonly sighted in the area, and efforts are being made to reduce wildlife attractants and ensure road safety. The exact wildlife population in the area is unknown, but the increase in development and human activity may affect wildlife and increase conflicts.

They recommend people carry a walking stick and bear spray when walking around Bragg Creek and have issued a pamphlet on how to respond to a cougar encounter.

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