The Biden-Xi Summit has ended, and the future relationship between the U.S. and China is uncertain. Chinese state media changed its approach and promoted Sino-American friendship, but Biden still referred to Xi as a dictator. Xi’s diplomatic stance has changed from a “wolf warrior” to “panda” diplomacy, as he has three major ambitions for China’s future. However, he has faced setbacks over the past year, including a decline in the economy and setbacks in achieving his global goals. Xi needs China’s economic growth to showcase the superiority of its system, but the country’s economy is facing challenges. He needs to transition to a digital and semiconductor economy to compete with the United States in high-tech fields, but restrictions on high-tech product exports to China have been imposed. Xi made concessions to the U.S. at the summit, but the real focus was on winning foreign investment. China’s economic issues have been caused by Xi’s ambitions and policies. His recent shift in diplomatic approach raises questions about restoring international confidence in China and whether the U.S. will give him time to achieve his goals. The situation is different from the past, and the changes Xi will make remain to be seen.

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