The Islamabad High Court is deciding whether Imran Khan should have a jail trial in a cipher case. Imran is in Adiala jail after being indicted in the case. The court has reserved its verdict, and will decide later today. The court also asked for more information about the appointment of the judge in the case and security threats to Imran. The court has extended its stay orders, meaning the trial is on hold until the next hearing. The case is about the alleged misuse of diplomatic information by Imran and Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

Last month, the special court indicted Imran and Qureshi in the case. Imran had appealed against having a jail trial, but the court rejected his appeal, saying the jail trial was in his favor for security reasons. The court also said there is no apparent ill will in the matter of the jail trial. Now the Islamabad High Court is deciding whether the jail trial should proceed.

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