The Sindh government in Pakistan is facing confusion over an appeal that was reported to be filed in the Supreme Court. The government has denied filing the appeal, even though a lawyer drafted a 17-page appeal after several sessions with the provincial bureaucracy. The appeal was related to military trials of civilians under the Pakistan Army Act. The lawyer who drafted the appeal was not available for comment, and it was then entrusted to a different advocate. The appeal was leaked to the media, making headlines. The former senior judge of the Islamabad High Court suggested that the caretaker chief minister may not have thought it was his place to file the appeal, and that the bureaucracy may have been behind it. He also mentioned that the Sindh government was not aggrieved by the court’s decision, as civilian trials by military courts are rare in the province. This confusion has led to speculation about which parties were involved in preparing and attempting to file the appeal.

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