The Nothing Chats beta app has been delayed due to bugs and issues with security and encryption. The app was meant to allow users of the Nothing Phone 2 to text with iMessage, but it required users to allow access to their iCloud accounts on Sunbird’s servers, which raised concerns about privacy and security.

A blog post from revealed that messages sent with Sunbird’s system are not end-to-end encrypted, making them vulnerable to interception. Additionally, part of Sunbird’s solution involves transmitting messages using HTTP to a Firebase server and storing them in unencrypted plain text, giving the company access to message content.

Sunbird claimed that HTTP was only used for the initial request from the app, but’s blog pointed out that attackers could still access messages. The blog also contradicted Nothing’s FAQ claim that messages were end-to-end encrypted and could not be accessed by Sunbird.

Nothing has not yet responded to these concerns. The app’s removal from the Google Play store came after users shared the blog post and raised widespread concerns about privacy and security issues.

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