EcoPro is partnering with SK Ecoplant and TES to build an electric vehicle battery recycling plant in Hungary. The goal is to create a closed-loop recycling system to extract raw materials from used EV batteries. The companies have selected Hungary due to its large battery scrap market and expected surge in battery production. The new plant will use EcoPro’s wet process technology and will work in synergy with its global cathode manufacturing base in Hungary. The companies aim to create a strong foothold in global markets through their partnership. Hungary is the world’s fourth-largest battery market, and several car and battery manufacturers operate production sites there. The size of the deal was not disclosed. The plant is expected to start commercial operations in late next year with an annual production capacity of 108,000 tons. SK Ecoplant and TES operate 50 supply chains for collecting battery waste in 23 countries. The three companies are committed to creating a circular economy through their recycling efforts in Hungary.

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