Daewoo Engineering & Construction is increasing its presence in the Indonesian market due to the country’s high demand for infrastructure resulting from capital relocation and economic development. The company believes that Indonesia’s large construction market, population, land size, and economic growth rate make it an attractive market.

The plan to relocate the capital city from Jakarta to Borneo has increased the growth potential for construction. Indonesia’s demand for new infrastructure is rising, especially for projects related to mineral, petroleum, and gas resources. Many international builders, including Korean firms, are targeting Indonesian infrastructure projects.

Daewoo E&C entered the Indonesian market in 2020 and successfully completed a project in the Tangguh gas field. The company is now seeking additional state-led infrastructure projects and is looking for opportunities to utilize funding from the Korean government and export credit agencies. Daewoo E&C also expects the Indonesian construction market to become more favorable to international construction companies in the future.

Furthermore, Daewoo E&C is planning to expand its presence in other countries, including Bangladesh, by engaging in infrastructure and construction projects. In countries with abundant gas and oil resources, the company is participating in state-led energy projects and infrastructure projects funded by development banks.

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