The company behind ChatGPT fired its CEO, Sam Altman, and the Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, will be the interim CEO. The board decided that Altman was not honest with them, so they let him go. The company is looking for a new permanent CEO. President Greg Brockman also stepped down.

OpenAI is backed by Microsoft and released ChatGPT, a popular chatbot. Altman said he loved working at OpenAI, but didn’t comment on his departure. Murati spoke to employees and reassured them about the stability of their partnership with Microsoft.

Elon Musk was once involved with OpenAI, and in 2020, some executives left to start a competitor company. People are discussing and reacting to the news online, with some praising Altman and expressing concern about the impact of his departure. Analysts think fundraising and leadership changes at OpenAI might cause some issues in the short term, but won’t harm the company in the long run.

Altman appeared at two events the day before his departure and didn’t show any signs of concern. The company did not provide further details about what led to Altman’s departure.

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