Canada’s national security agencies are investigating the purchase of anti-drone technology by a Russian university, which may be a violation of sanctions on Russia for its war in Ukraine. Vancouver-based Skycope Technologies Inc.’s SkyEye radar detector was reportedly purchased by the Russian Mirea University of Technology. The company has denied violating the embargo, stating it was the first time they heard of the device being used by the Russian university. The Canadian authorities are taking the reports seriously and investigating the matter. The technology can detect and recognize over 330 different types of drones from long distances. Reports suggest that the technology was acquired through a Russian businessman and delivered in June. This news highlights the challenges of enforcing sanctions, as Russia has been successful in bypassing high-tech sanctions through third countries and middlemen. In a separate case, U.S. justice officials charged a Canadian couple and a man from Brooklyn of smuggling electronics for the Russian military, and violating sanctions.

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