The content contains information about the current state of relations between the US and China. Despite tension between the two countries, total economic decoupling would be very costly and difficult. The writer discusses the need for a more complex strategy to meet the challenges posed by China. The US is economically interdependent with China and therefore will require allies and partners to help shape China’s external behaviour. The author advises against expecting China to change in the same way the Soviet regime did after the cold war. The writer also points out several geopolitical advantages of the US over China, including energy independence and a growing workforce. The goal is to avoid a hot or cold war and instead co-operate when possible while shaping China’s external behaviour. The writer suggests that the US can use its “soft” power and military deterrence to maintain friendly relations with China without being dominated by it. The main message is that the US should focus on a strategy that offers more promise than a replay of the cold war.

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