Big Tech companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta Platforms, and Microsoft are challenging the European Commission’s decision to label them as digital “gatekeepers.” The European Union’s new digital rulebook, the Digital Markets Act, targets these companies under 22 core services. Meta was the first to file a legal challenge. Other companies are expected to follow suit. These firms are not happy with the labels given by the Commission and are already making changes to their businesses in Europe. The firms that are targeted have until November 16 to file their legal paperwork. They are appealing against the EU’s decision and can also challenge the probes into whether certain services should be classified under the new rules. Although they are not happy, experts believe that they have a difficult path ahead because it is not ideal to have pending court proceedings while negotiating with the Commission. Therefore, it may not be in their best interest to antagonize the Commission. Apple, ByteDance, and other tech companies are also disputing the Commission’s decision that their services should follow the new rules. Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet are working with the European Commission to meet the new requirements while protecting the user experience. Amazon is also working to meet the new requirements while working constructively with the European Commission. Overall, many big companies are unhappy with the new rules and are challenging the decisions made by the European Commission.

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