Summary: Evidence suggests that a four-day workweek can lead to happier workplaces and improved productivity, without hurting employers’ bottom lines. A study from York University found that the majority of people with a four-day workweek reported healthier, happier work environments, and 90% saw improvements in productivity. It also resulted in employees experiencing less burnout, stress, and fatigue, contributing to improved mental health and job satisfaction. Additionally, the shortened workweek led to improved hiring and retention rates for employers. Despite some challenges, such as increased workloads for leaders and difficulties in some industries, such as finding child care, there is a widespread interest in trying out a four-day workweek. Research indicates that 93% of employees are open to the idea, and 91% of senior managers would support the transition. This growing support may lead to a more common adoption of the four-day workweek, resulting in a more efficient and stronger workforce according to York University researchers.

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