The Supreme Court is hearing review petitions about the 2017 sit-in by Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan in Islamabad. The Chief Justice of Pakistan is heading the three-judge bench. The judgement years ago had harsh instructions for the defence ministry, government, and others for their roles in the sit-in. The Ministry of Defence, Intelligence Bureau, PTI, Pemra, ECP, MQM, AML chief Sheikh Rashid, and Ijazul Haq had previously filed petitions against the verdict. During the hearing, former Pemra chief Absar Alam revealed details about intelligence agency interference and media coercion related to the sit-in. The SC expects the government to conclude the fact-finding probe within a specific period and has given ECP a month to submit a report. The IB, ECP, PTI, Rashid, and Ministry of Defence had specific concerns about the verdict. The sit-in lasted 20 days and caused significant disruptions. The government tried to negotiate and then used force to disperse the protesters, leading to casualties. The government eventually accepted some protester demands in an agreement signed by government and TLP officials.

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