The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) told the Islamabad High Court that it cannot identify who leaked audio recordings on social media because it does not have the capability to do so. This comes after petitions were filed by Bushra Bibi and Najamus Saqib. The former first lady is challenging an inquiry related to her conversation with a former aide to the prime minister, and the son of the former chief justice is challenging parliamentary proceedings. The court asked the PTA, Prime Minister’s Office, and FIA to identify the entities and agencies capable of recording and surveilling phone calls. The PTA explained that they can block content that harms a person’s reputation or privacy and remove content in the interest of Islam, security, public order, decency, or morality. They also mentioned that social media operators have their own guidelines and may not accept requests that do not align with them. The report also stated that the PMO does not interfere with the intelligence agencies and expects them to work under the law. An inquiry commission has also been set up to investigate the alleged audio leaks. The PM Office suggested that the court decide the matter.

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