The latest business news as it happens. Watch out for a rental scam in British Columbia as the government moves to limit short-term rentals to increase housing stock. The government last month introduced legislation to limit short-term rentals in many cities in B.C. in an effort to put thousands of units back into the long-term rental pool, with the changes coming into effect in May. Financial updates from the TSX show market trends in energy and technology stocks. A new report says the average asking price for a rental unit in Canada reached $2,178 last month, a 9.9 per cent year-over-year increase and continuing a trend that has seen asking rents hit new highs for six months in a row. Industry leaders are slamming a bill to ban replacement workers during strikes. Evidence shows that rent inflation in Canada is being driven by price increases in Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, due to factors such as strong population growth and large infusions of new rental supply priced at above-average market rents.

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