The Pakistan Rangers Sindh took action against water theft by shutting off 150 illegal hydrants and 1,200 illegal connections. The paramilitary force and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Corporation (KWSC) officials said this reduced the theft of 100 million gallons daily, saving around Rs13 billion. Stolen water was being sold at higher rates, causing a loss to KWSC. The theft affected areas like Baldia, Site, Keamari, and Lyari. Operations started on Sept 17 and targeted illegal hydrants, pumping stations, connections, and the “mafia.” The actions improved water supply in areas like Clifton, Orangi, and New Karachi. Efforts are still ongoing to provide benefits to the masses. The operation targeted the “water mafia” without discrimination. A major mode of theft was related to underground drinking water through illegal connections. 93 operations against 187 illegal hydrants were conducted, resulting in 163 arrests. Approximately 20% of the stolen water was returned to the supply system, reducing disruption and increasing water supply. Around one thousand additional water tankers have been registered by KWSC to provide water at an official rate. Sindh Rangers and KWSC will continue the operations until all water theft is eliminated. For more information, you can watch a video here:

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