Japanese astronauts Takuya Onishi and Kimiya Yui will be going to the International Space Station in about 2025 for long-term missions. This is a change from the original plan, which had Yui scheduled to leave in 2024. Both astronauts will stay at the station for six months and it will be their second time going into space. They will be traveling on a commercial spacecraft arranged by NASA. While at the ISS, they will be involved in maintaining facilities and conducting scientific experiments. Both astronauts have experience in space, including capturing an automated cargo spacecraft with a robotic arm. The science and technology minister, Masahito Moriyama, expressed his hope that the astronauts will obtain new knowledge and experience. This news comes as four other astronauts, including Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, are also at the space station. This mission will be part of ongoing space exploration efforts, including a recent mission launched by India to the sun.

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