Miss something this week? Don’t panic. CBC’s Marketplace rounds up the consumer and health news you need. Hidden camera captures passenger who uses wheelchair struck by lift on Air Canada flight. Marketplace accompanies Di Virgilio to raise awareness of the ordeal people who use wheelchairs go through when getting on flights. Air Canada wouldn’t comment on the case but has since reached out to apologize for the incident. Air Canada promises changes after passengers with disabilities share ‘dehumanizing’ experiences. The company will be updating the boarding process, changing the way it stores mobility aids, and updating its training procedures for employees. Skimpflation is affecting groceries as companies are using cheaper ingredients. Marketplace tackled skimpflation, shrinkflation, and tipflation in a special episode. Nurses in Ontario will soon be able to prescribe birth control and companies are raising prices resulting in inflation. Marketplace is asking for help from viewers about grocery items falling short of the amount on the label and how new technology in cars is impacting driving. If you want the latest business news, subscribe to the newsletter Mind Your Business.

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