Toxic air pollution is causing problems for people in South Asia. It’s so bad that schools are closing, and the government is telling people to stay inside. South Asia is the worst place in the world for air pollution, with four of the most polluted countries and nine of the most polluted cities. This pollution comes from things like industrialisation, population growth, and burning fuel for cooking and heating. In India and Pakistan, the number of vehicles has increased a lot, adding to the pollution. Efforts to reduce pollution are not working well because there’s not enough coordination between countries, and pollution can travel long distances on the wind. To solve this problem, countries in South Asia need to work together to monitor pollution and make policies. They also need to find local solutions that work for each country, and pay more attention to areas like agriculture and waste management. For example, the governments can offer subsidies for better farming equipment to stop stubble burning, but they need to make these machines more accessible and affordable.

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