The caretaker government of Pakistan is making a decision to expel millions of Afghan refugees who have lived in the country for decades. This is concerning because it goes against the purpose Pakistan was founded for- to provide a safe place for persecuted minorities. The government stated that Afghan refugees are linked to recent terrorist attacks and are involved in illegal activities like smuggling and the drug trade. This is causing the government to crack down on them and deport them back to Afghanistan. This is causing emotional distress for many refugees who have spent most of their lives in Pakistan and are now being forced to leave. This situation has roots in Pakistan’s history with granting citizenship at birth and may have far-reaching consequences. In the past, there has been a situation where loyalist Biharis who sided with Pakistan during the civil war in East Pakistan were left stateless in Bangladesh due to changes in citizenship laws. Overall, this is unfortunately a recurring theme as the government has not been consistent in its treatment of refugees and providing refuge to those in need.

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By hassani

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