Stay informed with free updates by signing up for the Climate change myFT Digest. The UN COP28 climate talks in Dubai will focus on communication of scientific knowledge to shift public opinion and generate political will for climate action. The summit should also launch a global campaign to inform the public and rally political support, particularly among the big emitters. The scientific knowledge at COP’s disposal must be mobilised to help people connect the dots when climate disasters strike. COP28’s communication campaign should make clear how growth and poverty reduction depend on cutting carbon emissions. Political appeal for a response to the climate danger must be seen as urgent. World leaders need to make a binding commitment to a 50 percent cut in carbon emissions by 2030 at COP28. The big emitters need to stop new coal, oil and gas projects. Action will follow, even in the face of competing priorities, if people see that their prosperity and well-being are endangered by global warming. Launch a worldwide campaign to get public backing for the resources needed to avert catastrophe at COP28. For more on climate change, business, markets, and politics, explore the FT’s coverage here. Check out the FT’s environmental sustainability commitments.

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