The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is reviewing a $710 million tranche for Pakistan, while the PTI has issued a White Paper blaming the PML-Nawaz-led coalition government for the economic crisis. The White Paper states that the PTI government had put the fast-dwindling economy of the country on the path of rapid growth, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. It alleges that the PDM government imposed through a regime change conspiracy reversed all the hard economic gains of the PTI government, inflicting more economic damage to the country. The White Paper also alleges that the PML-N left behind a mess in the energy sector, creating problems for the PTI government. Despite facing the global commodity super cycle, the PTI was successful in keeping certain economic indicators under control. The White Paper further alleges that almost Rs20 trillion additional debt accumulated in 16 months, compared to Rs18.3 trillion by the PTI in 40 months, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The White Paper was published in Dawn on November 12th, 2023.

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