When allegations emerged against Montreal billionaire Robert G. Miller in February 2023, Carmen was disturbed as this brought back painful memories for her. She says she was also exploited by him when she was 12. She was given a pseudonym to protect her identity. She and more than 40 other women have filed a class-action lawsuit against him, including claims totaling nearly $30 million. She states her abuse began in 1977 and continued until she was 17. Carmen had been silenced for years until she confided in her now-husband in 1986. She credits her husband with saving her life, encouraging her to start therapy. Her current health issues are a result of the abuse she faced. She is not the only one, there have been other victims involved that also helped recruit other victims. She feels ashamed for what had happened and finds it difficult to tell her story but finds that speaking out about it has helped. She feels relieved to finally share her story after many years. Miller has always denied the allegations made to him and his company is sold for more than $5 billion. More than 40 women, including Carmen, have now added their names to a not-yet-certified class-action lawsuit against Miller. Three other individual lawsuits — totalling nearly $30 million in claims — have also been filed in Quebec Superior Court.

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