PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has questioned the use of force to repatriate illegal Afghan immigrants and called for a clear distinction between terrorists and civilians. He believes that strong measures against terrorist groups like the TTP should not be used against ordinary people. There is a lack of clarity in the government’s policy about deporting illegal immigrants. The Foreign Office has defended the deportation, saying it is in line with international law. They also clarified that the policy does not apply to individuals with refugee status in Pakistan.

Nadra is maintaining a database of illegal Afghan immigrants leaving the country for future use. They exempted women and children below the age of 14 from the database. The officials believe that the database will allow them to identify criminals in case of future events.

Over 200,000 illegal Afghan nationals have been repatriated to Afghanistan since September 17. The officials are continuing efforts to send undocumented immigrants back. Additionally, two Pakistani nationals who tried to escape to Afghanistan were stopped at the border and sent back to their respective areas.

Overall, there are ongoing discussions about the government’s handling of the repatriation process and the use of force against illegal immigrants.

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