Six months after Imran Khan’s arrest, PTI leaders are still leaving their party. The latest defector is Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, who resigned from his position during a TV interview. For the last six months, leaders have been leaving the PTI after getting arrested, returning to condemn the May 9 violence, and quitting the party. This shows that something is causing PTI leaders to go against their own party. Starting from before the events of May 9, there was a lot of conflict between the PTI and its supporters, which eventually led to Imran Khan’s removal from office by a no-confidence vote. The former prime minister was also accused of crimes and faced disqualification. After the events of May 9, Imran Khan announced a long march to Islamabad and accused the military of trying to pull off a regime change with the help of corrupt people. There was an assassination attempt on him during the march, with over a dozen people getting injured. Later, an ISI official accused Imran of being a traitor. Throughout all these events, Imran Khan felt like the state was coming after him. All these conflicts led to PTI leaders leaving the party on a big scale.

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