The Myanmar military took over in 2021, and many thought that Chinese companies would take advantage of the situation to start projects under the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor. However, not much progress has been made. The only project that appeared to be moving forward is the Kyaukphyu special economic zone and deep-sea port. However, there are still concerns about whether construction will begin soon. The other major project, the Muse-Kyaukphyu railway, also faces challenges. There are concerns about security and financing. Additionally, there have been no updates on how these projects will be financed or carried out. Meanwhile, Russia has shown interest in developing energy infrastructure in Myanmar. However, there are doubts about how these projects will be financed or implemented due to the ongoing economic and security issues in Myanmar. Additionally, there is skepticism about whether there is serious interest from foreign investors, including Russian companies, in the Shweli-3 hydropower project. There are also no updates on the outcome of the tender for the project.

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