Scientists have created a new chromosome from scratch for the world’s first synthetic yeast. The new chromosome, called tRNA Neochromosome, is part of a project to build a fully synthetic cell using common baker’s yeast. This is the first time a eukaryotic genome has been written from scratch. Yeasts are commonly used in industrial processes to make biofuels, pharmaceuticals, flavors, and fragrances. Creating a yeast genome from scratch could result in a strain that works faster and produces more. The findings of the project have been published in research articles and mark a new chapter in engineering biology. The project involves collaboration from experts in various fields. The new tRNA neochromosome houses and organizes all the nuclear tRNA genes from the yeast. Unlike other synthetic chromosomes in the project, the tRNA neochromosome has no native counterpart in the yeast genome. It was designed using AI and manufactured with roboticized foundries. The next step is to combine all the synthetic chromosomes into a fully synthetic genome. The potential benefits of this research are vast and the project is a result of collaboration and imagination.

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