All five Republican candidates for US presidency debated foreign policy, criticizing Trump’s absence and calling for Republican unity. In other news, the US Federal Reserve chair will participate in a policy panel, and Sony, Fox News, and others will report earnings. Apple’s tax dispute with Brussels faces uncertainty, and the Bank of Japan will be cautious with interest rates. In Israel, forces are strengthening their hold in Gaza City. Meanwhile, hedge funds’ high salaries are under scrutiny, while the US actors’ union reached a tentative deal after the longest Hollywood strike. Finally, North Korea’s leader strengthens ties with Russia and China while defying international sanctions. Additional stories discuss the European postwar settlement in the Middle East and Russia’s labor shortages due to military activities in Ukraine. And beef prices in the US have reached record highs due to a severe dry spell. Lastly, Afghanistan’s cricket team has become a surprising success story, bringing hope to their nation. Sign up for the World myFT Digest to stay informed.

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