Afghan refugees in Pakistan are being forced to sell their belongings and leave the country due to a government crackdown. Many refugees, like Habib Ullah, have built lives and businesses in Pakistan, only to find themselves in a difficult situation. The Pakistan government has ordered undocumented refugees to leave the country, leading to overcrowding at the Torkham border as families try to cross into Afghanistan. Refugees with no documentation cannot legally work, open bank accounts, or operate businesses. Many are forced to work in unsafe conditions in the informal economy. Afghan refugees who have invested in property or businesses in Pakistan are at risk of losing everything with the government crackdown. Many Pakistani ‘front men’ have taken advantage of vulnerable Afghan refugees by registering businesses and conducting transactions in their names. The situation has left many refugees feeling hopeless and unsure of their future. The government says it is repatriating undocumented refugees back to their home countries. However, many refugees have lived in Pakistan for decades and feel they have no future in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees like Habib Ullah are now at a crossroads — whether to leave everything behind or risk being deported.

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