Thousands of Afghans are hiding in Pakistan to escape being deported. They fear persecution by the Taliban if they return to Afghanistan. The government in Pakistan is expelling undocumented migrants, including over one million Afghans, as part of a push to remove them from the country. Many of these Afghans are in hiding and fear for their safety if they are forced to return. Some have converted to Christianity and worry about the consequences under Taliban law. Human rights activists and petitioners are asking the Supreme Court to halt the deportation programme. The government has not responded to calls to reconsider the plan or to identify and protect at-risk Afghans. Many Afghans in hiding are afraid to leave their shelters due to the fear of being discovered by the police. They also face difficulties securing visas or visa extensions to remain in Pakistan. Some hope to find asylum in other countries, while others are trying to navigate the dangers of living in a country where they are undocumented. They fear what will happen to them if they are forced to return to Afghanistan.

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