A 49-year-old man pretending to be a pilot has been arrested for committing romance scams and theft. He targeted women in their 60s on social media, claiming to be a pilot and asking them for money. The police have warned single people to be careful on online platforms. The man is set to appear in court for fraud related to the scam. In a different incident, five people were arrested for defrauding women on a dating website, and eight men accused of fraud related to romance scams were arrested in Cape Town. These men, allegedly part of a Nigerian group called Black Axe, are wanted for trial in the US on charges of wire fraud and money laundering. They used social media, online dating websites, and phone numbers to find and talk to victims in the US, pretending to be someone else and threatening to distribute sensitive pictures if the targets did not pay them. The police urge the public to be careful and not fall for online romance scams. If you are approached by someone online who asks for money, be cautious and report them to the authorities.

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