The article discusses the history of conflicts between England and Pakistan cricket teams. Some of the controversies include:

– In 1956, Pakistani umpire Idris Baig was pranked by England players.
– In 1982, Pakistan objected to umpire David Constant’s decisions.
– In 1987, a heated argument between England captain Mike Gatting and Pakistani umpire Shakoor Rana took place.
– In 1992, there were suspicions of illegal ball-tampering by Pakistani bowlers.
– In 1996, Imran Khan won a libel case against England’s Ian Botham.
– In 2006, Pakistan forfeited a Test match at The Oval.
– In 2010, a spot-fixing scandal took place involving Pakistani players.

Each incident contributed to the tense relationship between the two teams. The conflicts included allegations of illegal activity, court cases, and disputes over umpiring decisions. These historical events have led to contentious matches and a long-standing rivalry between England and Pakistan in cricket.

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