RCMP have charged an Alberta man in the murder of a young mother, Pauline Brazeau, 47 years ago. The charge is due to a collaboration between the RCMP historical homicide unit and the Calgary Police Service cold case homicide unit. Brazeau, a 16-year-old single mother from Saskatchewan who was Métis, was found dead west of Calgary in 1976. Despite extensive investigative efforts, her case went unsolved until now.

The case was reopened in 2021 and used DNA technology to solve the historical file. Othram Inc. and Convergence Investigative Genetic Genealogy were employed to find a suspect. 73-year-old Ronald James Edwards was arrested and charged with non-capital murder. Investigators have no evidence connecting Brazeau’s murder to other murders at that time. The Alberta RCMP historical homicide unit is dedicated to seeking justice and they hope Brazeau’s family can find closure. The case shows that no matter how old, technology improvements can lead to new information in criminal investigations.

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