The Chamberlain Group has stopped unauthorized users from accessing its MyQ smart garage door controller. This means that thousands of users who used third-party platforms like Homebridge and Home Assistant to control their garage doors are now unable to do so. Chamberlain made this decision to improve performance and reliability for its authorized users. However, this change leaves over 200,000 people without workable solutions. Users who rely on these now-defunct integrations will now have to use authorized partners like or Vivint, who offer monthly subscriptions. Chamberlain is directing customers to use its new MyQ connected garage software, which integrates with car manufacturers. Home Assistant, an open-sourced software, is pulling its integration with Chamberlain due to this change. Alternative smart garage controllers include Meross MSG100HK and Tailwind iQ3 Pro. If you have a Chamberlain open garage door, you may need additional hardware to use a third-party controller. Tailwind’s controller offers smart home integrations and local control API for developers.

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