Samsung has created its own AI called Samsung Gauss, which can run on devices. It will be integrated into the next Galaxy S24 phone, expected in early 2024. Samsung demonstrated how Gauss can generate and edit images, write emails, summarize documents, and assist with coding. Parts of Gauss can run on the device, and Samsung plans to add generative AI to core functions of mobile devices starting in 2024. The model is named after a mathematician and includes language, code, and image components. It will enhance work efficiency and improve device control. Samsung is also adding generative AI to its Bixby virtual assistant for home appliances, focusing on natural communication. Gauss is currently used internally for employee productivity and will be expanded to other Samsung products soon. This integration could be a big selling point for the Galaxy S24, especially if it can run image and language models locally instead of relying on cloud-powered models.

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