New maps have been made that show over 1,000 deep-seated landslides in Washington State’s Puget Lowlands. These landslides provide evidence of a major earthquake that happened about 1,100 years ago. The researchers believe that the landslides may also show evidence of even older earthquakes.

The researchers used a new technique to date the landslides, which involved measuring the roughness of the landslides. By combining the location of the landslides with this new dating technique, they were able to find evidence of the last known major Seattle Fault earthquake. They also found signs of older Seattle Fault earthquakes.

The researchers compared their new landslide map to the ground motions produced by different earthquake scenarios. They found that the earthquake scenario that matched the landslide clusters best is one that produces the strongest shaking in a west to east band in the region.

The researchers believe that their method offers a powerful new way of learning about past earthquakes from landslide data. They also think that their method could be used in other locations around the world to study past earthquakes.

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