X now gives money to users based on views and has led to a lot of fake news and dangerous content being posted. Articles don’t have headlines and summaries, and images lack context. Elon Musk promotes conspiracy theorists and extremist content. Many accounts are fake and spread fake news about the war in Gaza. AI-generated images have been shared as if they are real. Pro-Hamas forces have launched a coordinated campaign with fake profiles. State-affiliated accounts are not identified. Social media is filled with disinformation that is engaged with more than the truth. Extremely violent videos have appeared on the platform, and many reliable sources have left. Mainstream media has made mistakes, but it’s different from deliberate lies. It’s hard to trust information on the platform because anyone can pretend to be someone else. Members of Congress are vulnerable to hostile disinformation. Russian information operations aim to influence U.S. policies. The influx of fake information has fueled global antisemitism.

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