A new report in Nature Geoscience talks about the air pollution problem in Africa. Over the last 50 years, air quality in African cities has gotten worse due to factors like population growth and industrialization. However, only a very small amount of global air pollution funding is spent in Africa.

The report argues that addressing this issue requires efforts from African countries, regionally tailored solutions, and global collaboration. The burning of biomass fuel, crude oil exploitation, coal mining, and old vehicles from Europe are causing poor air quality. This dangerous air can cause deadly health issues for those breathing it in and also affects the wider world’s ability to meet global climate targets.

Efforts have been made to tackle air pollution, but more needs to be done. The researchers call for urgent collaboration in continuous air monitoring, investment in clean energy, improved solid waste management, and investment in environmentally friendly technology. They also stress the importance of involving stakeholders in policy, academia, business, and communities.

The burden of air pollution falls disproportionately on poorer populations, women, and children. The researchers believe that by implementing their suggestions, there will be a reduction in air pollution levels, leading to healthier people and a healthier planet.

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