Naver, a South Korean internet giant, opened its second data center in Sejong. It is one of the five biggest data centers in Asia, with enough space for 600,000 server units and 65 exabytes of data. The facility cost about $497 million to build and is earthquake-resistant. Naver plans to invest even more in the data center in the future.

The center uses advanced technology, including AI, robotics, and autonomous driving. It also has an eco-friendly design and plans for global expansion. Naver has already secured a deal in Saudi Arabia and is considering building data centers there.

The data center aims to provide stable IT services and prepare for sovereign AI and cloud markets. It also emphasizes safety, with a system to maintain service continuity in case of disasters. The center has a robot workforce to improve efficiency and sustainability. Naver hopes to become a leader in the 21st-century data storage.

By building this data center, Naver aims to lead the AI and cloud markets while also being environmentally friendly and safety-oriented.

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