A former Meta employee spoke at a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, alleging that Facebook and Instagram parent company was aware of harassment and harm facing teens but did not address it.

The employee, Arturo Bejar, worked for Instagram and Facebook and testified about social media’s impact on teen mental health. He had a goal to influence the design of the platforms with more positive behaviors and tools for young people to manage unpleasant experiences. Bejar reported to executives that a high percentage of users had harmful experiences on Instagram. He also testified that he met with senators who received evidence that Meta executives ignored harm to young people.

Bejar’s testimony comes amid efforts in Congress to pass legislation requiring social media platforms to provide tools for parents to protect children online. Meta said it is committed to protecting young people online and has created tools to address harmful content.

Bejar reported instances of his own 16-year-old daughter receiving obscene messages on the platform without adequate tools to report the experiences. He stated that Meta executives were knowledgeable about the issue but did not take action.

The source of this summary is from Global News and was written by Katie Paul.

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