Adidas has produced a new pair of running shoes called the Adizero Adio Pro Evo 1 which are designed to help athletes perform better. Tigist Assefa, an Ethiopian runner, set a world record at the Berlin Marathon wearing these shoes. However, they have an environmental cost. The shoes are only meant to last for a single marathon, and the production of sneakers in general contributes to carbon emissions and waste in the environment.

According to a study, shoes can improve a runner’s performance. For every 100 grams shaved off the shoe design, a runner can go one percent faster. This can translate to saving a couple of minutes during a marathon. While the shoes may not make much difference for everyday runners, avid runners may want to have them for their high-tech features.

Caroline Staudt, a member of the Green Runners group, raises concerns about the environmental impact of these shoes. She believes that people should consider the economic and environmental cost when deciding whether the shoes are worth it. Staudt suggests that the manufacturing of running apparel needs more regulations to address the issue.

The main message is to think about the consequences of buying and disposing of running shoes frequently and to consider alternatives that have a smaller environmental impact.

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