OpenAI has announced the release of a platform that allows users to create custom versions of its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, without the need for coding. These custom versions, called GPTs, will be available through the GPT Store for paying subscribers of ChatGPT Plus and OpenAI enterprise customers. The GPT Store will eventually pay creators based on usage. OpenAI revealed this new feature, along with other announcements such as a turbocharged GPT-4, lower prices for developers, and reaching 100 million weekly users, at its first-ever developer conference, DevDay. The platform allows users to customize how the GPT interacts with people, including features such as web browsing and access to external services. OpenAI positions its platform as more utility-focused compared to other AI bot platforms like Character.AI and Meta. The creators of GPTs won’t have access to conversations users have with them, and OpenAI will monitor and block inappropriate content. Ultimately, OpenAI sees this platform as a step towards its main goal of creating AGI, or AI superintelligence. The introduction of the GPT Store will also help boost the company’s revenue, as it reportedly seeks a valuation of up to $90 billion.

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