The content discusses the dehumanization tactics used to justify violence and genocide, focusing on the current situation in Gaza. It mentions historical examples such as the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide to illustrate how turning victims into symbols of fear and hatred allows for mass atrocities. The article highlights the use of propaganda and stereotypes to portray the victims as less than human, justifying their mistreatment and even extermination. It points out that the same tactics have been used historically to justify colonial violence and Western interventions. It also provides examples of dehumanization in Israel, where Palestinians are referred to as ‘cockroaches’ and ‘animals’. The article emphasizes that when a society is taught to hate and fear a certain group, dehumanization becomes prevalent, making it easier to justify violence against them. The recent Hamas attack was used to further dehumanize Gazans and legitimize the ongoing destruction of Gaza. The article concludes that when racist sentiments are deeply embedded in society, it becomes easy to convince people that the ‘other’ must be removed.

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By hassani

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